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Postgraduate Admission

Entry requirements for admission of students: Entry requirements for M.Phil. programmes are spelt out in the School of Graduate Studies Academic Policy Guidelines of UCC. A candidate seeking admission to the M.Phil. Molecular Biology and Biotechnology programme must: Have obtained a good first degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology or Biological Sciences or in any relevant field of study from an accredited tertiary institution. Non-researched master’s degree holder with CGPA of 2.5 or better (top-up to M.Phil.). Submit an official transcript of academic record and copy of certificate. Submit, at least, two reference reports, one of which must be from a former lecturer. Submit a research proposal in the intended area of research. Pass a selection interview where necessary. Once enrolled, students will participate in a coursework for the first year of the Masters Programme and write an examination. An MPhil Student in the department must obtain a qualifying grade with a CGPA. 2.5 to be allowed to continue the research work and thesis write-up Research Areas